What Are the Three Primary Types of Water Movements?

Answer Water flows in three ways that are especially important to know when keeping an aquarium. Water movements, including laminar flow, turbulence and surge movement, help to move food, oxygen and waste... Read More »

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Two Types of Creative Movements?

American philosopher Richard Rorty once said that intellectual life was "part of the conversation which we are." It was a reference to the many voices within society, and of the ephemeral nature of... Read More »

What Are the Four Different Types of Social Movements?

Social movements attempt to effect societal change through the organization of social movement organizations -- large groups of like-minded people that promote the desired change. Sociologist Willi... Read More »

What Types of Articulations & Movements Are Occurring When You Sit Down & Stand Up?

Articulation, when it refers to anatomy, is simply the movement of two bones at a joint. However the muscles and tendons, which are anchored to the bones, also pull and tug so that the bones move a... Read More »

What Are the Primary Types of Discourse?

A discourse is a mode of communication that determines what is said and how it is said. The type of discourse that is used determines how a conversation or communication will proceed. The primary t... Read More »