What Are the Three Physical States of Water in the Atmosphere?

Answer The atmosphere of the Earth is made up of a number of elements and compounds. One such compound is water. Water can exist in the atmosphere in three states of matter: solid, liquid or gas. Temperat... Read More »

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What are the three types of aerosols in Earth's atmosphere that are measured by NASA researchers?

Well, there is black carbon (soot), sulfates, and CFCs. Hope this helps.

What is the source of water in Earth's atmosphere?

Water in Earth's atmosphere comes from surface water, primarily from the oceans, that evaporates into water vapor, forming clouds. The water then precipitates and falls back into the oceans, rivers... Read More »

What is the repeated movement of water between Earth's surface& the atmosphere called?

The repeated movement of water between the Earth's surface and atmosphere is called the hydrologic cycle. Water moves in a cyclical pattern between the atmosphere, the surface of the earth and belo... Read More »

What are three states on the coast of the US?

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