What Are the Symptoms of Bad Universal Joints?

Answer When a drive shaft must rotate through an angle, a universal joint is used to transfer torque across that angle. Universal joints can become faulty over time and in most cases when they start to ex... Read More »

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Universal Vs. CV Joints?

Universal joints (u-joints), and constant velocity (CV) joints are simply types of couplings that connect drive lines together so that they can provide power at different angles. Whether the applic... Read More »

How Do Universal Joints on a Car Work?

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How to Lubricate Universal Joints?

All driveshafts contain a series of joints known as universal joints. The universal joints connect the driveshaft to the transmission, rear end or another driveshaft, and allow limited movement up ... Read More »

How to Install the Universal Joints on the 97 F-150?

Universal joints on a 1997 Ford F-150 generally last a long time, as long they remain lubricated. When they lack lubrication, the needle bearings in the universal caps begin to wear, causing the sp... Read More »