What Are the Six Stages of Moral Reasoning?

Answer Lawrence Kohlberg, a cognitive-developmental psychologist and a close follower of Jean Piaget, proposed a three-level, six-stage theory of moral reasoning development. Piaget's theory on moral reas... Read More »

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Psychological Stages of Moral Reasoning?

"Moral reasoning" falls under the heading of "cognitive psychology," or rather the study of human thought processes. Within this sub-category is "cognitive development," the thought process to unde... Read More »

Moral Reasoning in the Classroom?

The important things that a student must learn in school are not restricted to the facts and figures that teachers put up on the board. Many critical life skills are also learned at school, through... Read More »

What Are the Three Levels of Sequence for Moral Reasoning?

Born in 1927 in New York, psychology scholar Lawrence Kohlberg built on existing theories of moral reasoning with his own findings on moral thinking by conducting studies and interviewing young chi... Read More »

Criteria for Moral Reasoning in a Business?

Albert Carr's well-known 1968 article, Is Business Bluffing Ethical, published in the Harvard Business Review argues that the morality people apply in their everyday lives is not the same morality ... Read More »