What Are the Six Main Elements in Living Organisms?

Answer In science class, you may learn about the elements that are essential to living organisms. Every living organism on earth is composed of a select few essential elements found in the atmosphere and ... Read More »

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Which Elements Are Found in Living Organisms?

Despite there being 118 known elements, only a handful of them are known to be found in living organisms. Indeed, the immense complexity of life is made up almost entirely of four elements: carbon,... Read More »

Why is the sun the main source of energy used by most organisms?

At a distance of 92.96 million miles from Earth, the Sun is our closest star. About one million Earths could fit inside the sun, but as stars go, it is medium-sized. Even so, it produces enough ene... Read More »

Why are viruses not living organisms?

Viruses are similar to single-celled organisms in structure, but means of reproduction differentiate the two and indicate that viruses are not living organisms.CellsAll living organisms are formed ... Read More »

Does Venus have living organisms?

Investigations have found that conditions on the surface of Venus cannot sustain life, notes SolStation, an online source of astronomy information. However, microbial organisms might be able to sur... Read More »