What Are the Signs of a Brake Line Being Cut?

Answer If you suspect a brake line in your car has a cut in it, either because of an accident or vandalism, you should not drive the car until it has been repaired. There are several signs that can indica... Read More »

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Signs of Brake Failure?

Few parts of your car are as important to the safety of you and your family as your brakes. Brakes are what allow you to stop for red lights, stop signs and the occasional deer. While total, instan... Read More »

Signs of Brake Problems?

Brakes are the most important part of any vehicle. Whether a child is crossing the street, a truck runs a stop sign or the car in front of you has come to a sudden stop, it is important to know tha... Read More »

Signs of Bad Brake Rotors?

Brake rotors are integral parts of the braking system on your car. Brake pads grab the rotors, squeezing the rotating disc to slow down the vehicle. Over time, imperfections in the brake pads or th... Read More »

Signs of a Bad Brake Booster?

The brake booster is one of the main braking components that controls the power braking system in your car. If the brake booster is going out, you will probably discover it fairly quickly because y... Read More »