What Are the Signs of Pregnancy for Female Rats?

Answer A female rat's pregnancy lasts between 21 and 23 days. Rats reach sexual maturity as early as five weeks of age and quickly develop regular fertility schedules, which makes breeding rats a predicta... Read More »

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Signs of Rats in a House?

Rats invade houses in search of food, and oftentimes, they find it. These rodents cannot only devastate food supplies with their eating, but can also contaminate them simultaneously with their fur,... Read More »

Are female or male rats more sociable?

Rats make affectionate pets. Male rats are more sociable than female rats. Although female rats have softer fur and are more active than male rats, the males enjoy having their heads scratched. Mal... Read More »

Are female or male rats more social?

As a general rule, male rats tend to be more sociable. They tolerate cuddling with humans longer than female counterparts who, known for their energy and tendency for mischief, prefer chewing and e... Read More »

What are the most frequent signs of early pregnancy and how can you tell if you are just getting ready to start your period or if you're actually in your first week of pregnancy?

Answer most frequent signs of pregnancy are breasts sore or swollen, feeling nauseas, passing urine often, and if you are late for your period. it would be hard to know in the first week of pregnan... Read More »