What Are the Rules About Picking Up Dog Droppings?

Answer In the 1990s, communities around the United States began enforcing regulations regarding a longstanding annoyance and public health risk: dog poop. Awareness of the health risks associated with im... Read More »

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Do you agree that picking on someones apperence is picking on gods work?

i do agree!!! no one should pick on anybody cuz they are picking on God's creation! i really never thought about it that way! thanks for asking this question. and no matter who disagrees with you, ... Read More »

What are insect droppings called?

Insect droppings are not called one name in particular and can go by several names. For example, caterpillar droppings are commonly known as frass, and flea droppings are often called flea dirt.Ref... Read More »

How to Clean up Mouse Droppings?

If you live in the country, it is almost impossible to not have mouse droppings somewhere in your house! Here is how to get rid of them.

How to Clean Bird Droppings?

Wet bird droppings easily wipe up, but can dry to a hard mess that can be as difficult to clean as potty-training a bird. Here are some cleaning methods.