What Are the Rules About Picking Up Dog Droppings?

Answer In the 1990s, communities around the United States began enforcing regulations regarding a longstanding annoyance and public health risk: dog poop. Awareness of the health risks associated with im... Read More »

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Found droppings in loft about 1/2 inch long+heard scratching,could it be mouse,rat or squirrel?

To big to be mouse droppings. Mouse looks like coarsley groung black peppercorns. probably a ret. Callout the pest control FAST

What is this I hear about the Obama administration picking up the tab on government student loans?

Wow...I so hope this is true. GOODBYE LOANS!

Do you agree that picking on someones apperence is picking on gods work?

i do agree!!! no one should pick on anybody cuz they are picking on God's creation! i really never thought about it that way! thanks for asking this question. and no matter who disagrees with you, ... Read More »

Im really worried about picking up the phone!?

I think you should STOP wasting everyones time with stupid questions like this!