What Are the Risks of Getting Your Belly Button Pierced?

Answer Although belly button rings are a popular piercing option for a number of women, these piercings are not without risk. There are several health risks that individuals can face if they decide to pie... Read More »

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How old to get your belly button pierced?

that doesnt require any exact age, if you wanna have your parents permission. you can have your belly button pierced even at the age of 16 and younger, if you can get your parents permission. howev... Read More »

Can I still get my belly button pierced?

There are ointments to help heal the scar but its unlikely to ever heal completely. Do you really want to risk having it ripped out once again?

I got my belly button pierced...?

Okay as a big girl in the bod mod community, I think that's pretty cool, you have my respect.Just be careful, exercise does effect you're piercing, I'd stick to yoga, and only yoga. Cardio and aero... Read More »

How much to get your belly button pierced?

i went to pleasurable piercings in hawthorne nj. it was 35 :] . im 15 btw.