What Are the Risks of Getting Your Belly Button Pierced?

Answer Although belly button rings are a popular piercing option for a number of women, these piercings are not without risk. There are several health risks that individuals can face if they decide to pie... Read More »

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How expensive is getting your belly button pierced?

The Pros & Cons of Getting Your Belly Button Pierced?

A belly button piercing can add some sexy sparkle to your midriff and can be conveniently hidden when needed. These days, a navel piercing is more a fashion statement than a symbol of rebellion, bu... Read More »

Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?

Yes, it hurts but not for long, just make sure you keep it clean with peroxide and neosporin and turn it when you clean it to keep it from getting infected.

Getting belly button pierced.?

Well a lot of people will tell you it hurts a lot others will tell you they felt nothing. My experience: I was told by a lot of people that it doesn't hurt, and when I got it done it hurt a hell of... Read More »