What Are the Qualities a Good Student Should Possess?

Answer Regardless of your intelligence level, it takes time to develop and sharpen the skills and qualities needed to be a good student if you find yourself struggling academically. You might not realize ... Read More »

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What Are Qualities that a Leader Should Possess?

Leaders exist in so many fields of personal, social and professional life that it is difficult to list the individual qualities that everyone should possess. For example, a leader of a bankers' gro... Read More »

How to Become an Student of All Good Qualities?

This topic will help you to impress someone , but the main point is to be self disciplined. " How to become an Student of all good Qualities " helps to make a student ideal.And make Good students a... Read More »

What does good fertiliser possess?

NPK in the ratios the crop you want needs + microelements such as iron, zink ect.the right ratio of nitrogen, phosphate and potash.

What Should I Look for in a Good Student Trumpet?

Buying an instrument can be a laborious task; many people choose to buy what is inexpensive and right off the shelf to avoid the process. Even for a student, you want to find the right instrument t... Read More »