What Are the Pros & Cons of Serotonin?

Answer Serotonin is a neurotransmitter found in a wide variety of animals, including humans. It is well known for increasing feelings of happiness and well being. It has a number of other important roles ... Read More »

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What Are the Pros & Cons of an MBA?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that takes two years to complete. When making a list of the pros and cons of getting an MBA, consider your career goals, time commitm... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of pie?

Pros: very good, makes you smile, affordable, satisfies any munchies you might have. Cons: too much could cause weight gaining and possible diagnoses of diabetes, addicting, Other than health, pi... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of Red Bull?

Red Bull if taken often, will make you fat. It's got a ton of sugar, so if you don't burn off all of it (which is hard to do) you're gonna turn that sugar into fat. The pros of it are only short te... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of the war powers act?

Pros: Creates a sort of Checks and Balancing system for the president Keeps the president from going into war without Congress' permission unless America is under attack or there is a sever threat... Read More »