What Are the Primary Purposes of Education?

Answer One of the main purposes of education is to make it possible for individuals to realize their full potential as human beings and as citizens of their society and the broader world. Our personal and... Read More »

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What Are Three Primary Purposes of Mitosis?

Mitosis is the process that a cell goes through when it divides into two new cells. The primary purpose of mitosis is growth, as it is through mitosis that an organism goes from a single cell to tr... Read More »

What is primary education?

Primary education is the first phase in required education for children in most countries. It establishes basic literacy and knowledge before students advance to secondary education (often known as... Read More »

What is primary&secondary education?

American early childhood education, preschool through kindergarten, focuses on socialization and learning through exploration and play. Students complete 12 years of primary and secondary education... Read More »

What Are the Problems of Pre-Primary Education?

Pre-primary education has become a worldwide effort because of the benefits preschool children obtain from attending pre-primary programs. The benefits last until adulthood. Despite this, there are... Read More »