What Are the Parts of a Brake System?

Answer A brake system transmits force from a driver's foot to the car's brakes. The brakes then transmit the force to the tires and road, where the friction slows and stops the vehicle. Hydraulic and powe... Read More »

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A vehicles brake system should be inspected _____ a year as part of maintaining the brake system.?

E. Go back and re-read. Then maybe you'll pass your driving classes.

What are all the parts of the muscular system?

Despite the wondrous celerity of nerve transmission and the exquisite articulation of bones and joints, you couldn't lift a finger without muscles, the functioning of which depends on several essen... Read More »

What are the parts of the skeletal system?

The human skeletal system consists of 206 bones, which give form to the body, allow movement and protect vital organs. According to a Minnesota State University report, the skeletal system is divid... Read More »

What Are the Parts of an Exhaust System on a Car?

A car's exhaust system has the job of directing the exhaust gases that are created by the engine safely away from the vehicle. If the exhaust system is not functioning properly, dangerous exhaust f... Read More »