What Are the Orangutans' Lifestyles?

Answer Orangutan means person of the forest. These creatures live throughout Borneo and Sumatra. Close relatives of humans, the orangutans are the largest primates in Asia. Orangutans are a highly intelli... Read More »

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How to Help Orangutans?

Ever wanted to know how you can help out endangered Orangutans? Follow this guide to start saving Orangutans today.

Do orangutans live in palm trees?

Orangutans are arboreal primates, but these apes do not live in palm trees. Orangutans prefer to live in large trees with many branches that can support their weight. They spend more time in the tr... Read More »

What Were the Lifestyles of the Aztec Rulers?

In the 15th and 16th centuries, the Aztec Empire dominated Mexico. Like other ancient empires, the Aztec Empire was ruled by members of a powerful noble class. Aztec nobles reveled in luxury and Az... Read More »

Italian Lifestyles in the 1950s?

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