What Are the Numbers on the Pencils for Shading?

Answer Artist pencils come in differing levels of hardness to create multiple shades of black and gray. There are softer pencils for lighter gray shades and harder pencils for darker gray or black shades.... Read More »

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What Are Map Pencils?

An often misleading request on supply lists, the phrase map pencils has become daunting to parents during back-to-school season. What most parents don't realize is that the phrase is just another t... Read More »

Things to Use for Shading?

The shading you lay down on your drawings helps to create a look of fullness as well as creating drama and visual interest. Many methods of shading exist. There are tools you may use in conjunction... Read More »

What kind of numbers did arabic numbers replace?

The Roman numeral system of numbers spread as the Roman Empire grew. The Roman number system began around 3 B. C., but the older Arabic number system with decimals and a zero replaced it.Source:Hi... Read More »

Types of Oak Wood Shading?

Whether your house is full of red oak, with its deep, rich tones, or white oak, with its ethereal lightness, it only makes sense to implement methods of window shading that match. Window shading is... Read More »