What Are the Negatives of a Military Draft?

Answer The military draft is a hot-button issue among many individuals in the United States. There have been many arguments made about the potential positives of reinstating a military draft, but there ar... Read More »

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Positives & Negatives of Joining the Military?

Generally, most servicemembers stay in the armed services -- Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps -- only for the length of the enlistment, while some opt to stay in for the maximum of 20 years, ... Read More »

When was the military draft used?

The United States military implemented a draft, or conscripted service, shortly before the onset of World War II and did not end the draft until the end of the Vietnam War in 1973. Although the dra... Read More »

Who created the military draft?

Conscription, also known as the military draft, is the required service in a nation's military. Conscription was created by the Babylonians during the reign of Hammurabi around 1792 B.C. In modern ... Read More »

Who invented the military draft?

The Selective Service Act was enacted by Congress in 1917 and signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson during World War I. However, as early as the Civil War there were conscription acts that be... Read More »