What Are the Most Reliable Automotive Hose Clamps?

Answer Reliability suggests qualities like suitability and dependability, and when it comes to automotive parts, these qualities are generally more necessary than desirable, especially when it comes to se... Read More »

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How to Use Hose Clamps?

A hose clamp's design allows it to secure a hose over a fitting, thereby preventing any fluid flowing through the hose from leaking at the connection. Common uses for hose clamps include securing h... Read More »

How to Tighten Hose Clamps?

Hose clamps that are used to attach radiator hoses and other engine system hoses also are useful in other applications. In fact, hose clamps are so effective, easy to work and useful in a wide rang... Read More »

Types of Car Hose Clamps?

Although it's easy to adopt a "seen one, seen 'em all" mentality toward them, there is a surprising amount of variation in design for the hose clamp. All hose clamps perform the same basic task: to... Read More »

How to Remove Crimp Hose Clamps?

Crimped hose clamps are crimped in place with a special tool. This is usually done at the factory and meant for hoses that are not often changed. A typical use of a crimped hose clamp is in a car o... Read More »