What Are the Major Theories Used to Define Psychology?

Answer The field of psychology is comprised of at least seven schools of thought. Each of these schools of thought views the field of psychology in different ways. Nearly 140 years after its formal foundi... Read More »

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What Are Social Psychology Theories?

Social psychology is a branch of the study of human behavior that focuses on behavior within a group. Social psychologists focus on the behaviors that members of a group all have in common. They st... Read More »

Theories of Motivation Psychology?

Motivation can be defined as the driving force that energizes and directs a person's actions. The desires and wants fuel our behavior in a goal-oriented direction. Motivation theories in psychology... Read More »

Three Major Theories of Motivation?

Just as people are different from one another, so their motivational traits also differ. The big question is what makes some employees work very hard at minor tasks while others yawn at important, ... Read More »

Major Classroom Management Theories?

Each classroom management theory has its merits and weaknesses. Teachers use theories to support their own philosophy of eduction and classroom management style. Effective classroom management resu... Read More »