What Are the Major Differences Between Topographic & Geologic Maps?

Answer Many different types of maps exist to help us understand the world around us, whether it be the distribution of lakes and rivers or political boundaries. However, topographic and geologic maps are ... Read More »

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How to Interpret Topographic Maps?

Once you understand them, you will see the logic behind the layout and symbology of topographical maps and appreciate the wealth of information that is conveyed. Topo maps have guided travelers sin... Read More »

What is the age of most of Earth's topographic maps?

Many of Earth's topographic maps were made between 1978 and 2005. The United States Geological Survey makes frequent updates to the U.S. topographic maps. The most recent update was made in June 20... Read More »

What is the purpose of topographic maps?

Topographic maps represent a section of the Earth's surface on a two-dimensional surface. Topographic maps differ from many other maps by depicting the terrain features of the Earth by the use of c... Read More »

The Difference Between Geologic Time & a Geologic Rock Column?

Geologic history is studied primarily through stratigraphic columns along with the help of the geologic time scale. Stratigraphy has allowed geologists to discover the information necessary to the ... Read More »