What Are the Main Tools Used in Zoology?

Answer Zoologists are biological scientists who specialize in the study of animals and wildlife. Many zoologists further specialize by becoming experts on certain types of animals, such as birds or reptil... Read More »

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What types of tools were used with traditional horse hair plaster over wood lathe How does one use these tools to make perfectly smooth walls?

Answer I would assume a simple, but long wooden trowel similar to a mortar trowel, perhaps with some upturned skids at the end so overlapping strokes do not make unwanted marks in the plaster. I ... Read More »

What are the main tools needed to do large selection of different cupcake decorate & cheapest place to purchas?

The main tools needed to large cupcake decorate and cheapest place to many purchases. Some of the main tools are a piping bag, frosting and great piping tips, star tip, pastry bag, fitted with larg... Read More »

What was the main gun used by the US military in World War 2?

Answer The basic issue weapon was the M-1 Garand. A 30 cal. semi-automatic weapon that held 8 rounds fed by an internal clip. Most other militarys carried a bolt action rifle that held about 5 rounds.

What main gun was used by the Marine Corps?

The most commonly issued weapon is the M16 - typically, the M16A2, M16A4, or now, M16A5.