What Are the Main Causes of Acne?

Answer Dealing with acne can be frustrating. It can strike at any age, whether you're a teenager or an adult. However, effective treatment requires that you have a decent understanding of what's causing y... Read More »

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What r the main causes for pimples?

Ok, so oily foods have nothing to do with acne... thats a bit of old school. Couple of things could be making you break out. One is hormones, if your a teen, this is common, your body is changing ... Read More »

What are the main causes of teenage pregnancy?

the causes of teenage pregnancy are thatlow self esteemlack of understanding of how to get pregnantfamily neglectbelief that nothing will happen

What are the main causes of diabeties in children?

We don't know what causes type 1 diabetes - the kind that's most common in children. There are heaps of theories - genetics, viruses, auto-immune disorders .... We do know that it is getting more c... Read More »

What are the main causes to teenage pregnancy?

The main causes of a pregnancy in general is having unprotected sexual intercourse,,the only way you can get pregnant is if you have unprotected sex,but condoms arent 100% accurate even after using... Read More »