What Are the Laws on Abortion in New Jersey?

Answer Abortion law varies from state to state. States can pass their own laws on abortion pertaining to presence of physicians, mandated education, parental involvement, public funding and partial birth ... Read More »

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What are the New Jersey latchkey laws?

Sexual abuse, Physical abuse, Neglect, Emotional abuse

Which state has the toughest laws on abortion?

Louisiana enacted the country's toughest abortion laws in June 2010 by forcing all women seeking an abortion, including rape victims, to receive an ultrasound before terminating their pregnancy. Lo... Read More »

How many states have laws against abortion?

Thirty-eight states have laws that prohibit abortions after a specific point in the pregnancy, except in cases where the late-term abortion might save the woman's life or protect her health. Sixtee... Read More »

New Jersey Notary Laws?

Notaries perform a variety of services including confirming identities, authenticating signatures and administering oaths. Every state has its own laws regarding requirements to become a notary and... Read More »