What Are the Ideas for Teaching One Step Equations?

Answer Solving equations can be daunting to students, especially when they include a variable. Make solving equations a cinch by presenting two simple rules for solving one-step equations in a way student... Read More »

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Ideas on Teaching Kids How to Add & Subtract Equations?

Equations are simply statements about numerical values. Teaching kids how to add and subtract equations essentially requires visualization of some shape or form. Engaging children physically, i.e.,... Read More »

Simultaneous Equations Step-by-Step?

Simultaneous equations arise when there are two unknown variables and two equations that give relationships between the variables. If you have two linear equations, you can use either the substitu... Read More »

What Are Two Step Equations?

Algebra is an important part of the math curriculum. It includes the use of variables or unknowns. Even first graders do a form of algebra: 2 + ? = 3. As students reach the middle grades, they must... Read More »

How to Do Multi-Step Equations?

To solve a multi-step question, you must understand the order in which to perform the mathematical operations. Solving these types of equations requires an understanding of algebra techniques. The ... Read More »