What Are the Growing Conditions for Olive Trees?

Answer Native to the Mediterranean basin, olive trees (Olea europaea) grow slowly and eventually mature to 25 to 30 feet tall and equally wide. Attractive and picturesque as they age, the olive tree's gra... Read More »

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Can olive trees be grown and fruit from self seeded plants from an established olive tree?

Olives grow very readily from seed, so much so that they are a serious problem in some areas such as Australia. If grown from a named variety, the fruit will probably not be as high in quality as t... Read More »

Conditions for Growing Mushrooms?

Cultivating mushrooms is a delicate process. Unlike other food plants, mushrooms are fungi that do not contain chlorophyll. They depend on their soil for all energy and nutrition. There are many ty... Read More »

What conditions are best for growing Parsley?

What growing conditions are best for the poppy?

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