What Are the Functions of an Air Conditioner Compressor?

Answer Air conditioning (AC) compressors are a must for proper cooling and can appear in applications such as vehicles or homes. An auto AC compressor is considered to be the most vital of all the parts i... Read More »

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What Are the Functions of an AC Compressor?

While air conditioning systems are in no way unique to automobiles, it is the place where do-it-yourselfers are most likely to encounter them. When dealing with refrigeration systems, it is importa... Read More »

What does it mean when an air conditioner compressor loses efficiency?

Over time, the piston and piston rings in an air conditioner's compressor will wear out, resulting in reduced efficiency. Lower efficiency means the air conditioning unit is no longer capable of co... Read More »

How to Wire an Air Conditioner Compressor?

The compressor in your car's air-conditioning system can fail over time. The most common reason for failure is contamination within the system. Other reasons may include a lack of sufficient oil to... Read More »

How to Replace a Compressor in a Car Air Conditioner?

Automotive air conditioners use a compressor to circulate freon through the evaporator and condenser. This compressor can wear out and require replacement, usually due to a lack of lubricant or wor... Read More »