What Are the Functions of Timing Belts?

Answer Regardless of the engine type in a vehicle, a timing belt failure brings an engine to a stop every time. Once this happens, there's no way to start the vehicle and it will then require a tow. This ... Read More »

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Timing Belts Vs. Timing Chains?

Timing belts and timing chains control the timing of the values in an internal combustion engine. Without this synchronization, an engine would be difficult to start and impossible to keep running.

How to Set Timing Belts?

The timing belt is a part of the car's engine that controls valve timing. Setting the timing belt is an important aspect of automotive repair and maintenance. Proper synchronization of the engine v... Read More »

Types of Timing Belts?

Timing Belts are reinforced fabric or rubber belts that are essential engine components in small to midsize cars that use overhead camshafts. The timing belt's main purpose is to keep vital parts ... Read More »

Do all cars have timing belts?

Not all car engines have timing belts. Some engine designs have timing chains or a set of timing gears. The purpose is the same, however: to rotate the camshaft(s) in time with the crankshaft.Refer... Read More »