What Are the Four Macromolecules of Life?

Answer A macromolecule is a large molecule created by a form of polymerization, or the process of creating polymer chains out of polymeric materials. Each molecule, which makes up most of the body, contai... Read More »

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Types of Molecules Present in Macromolecules?

Macromolecules are polymers composed of many different subunits; the subunits are all linked together in a huge chain to make a bigger molecule. Biological macromolecules like DNA, RNA, carbohydrat... Read More »

You have problems deciding whether or not it would be a good idea to make the transition from military life to civilian life but don't know which is better please help?

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What are the odds of my Life in a Day video will get picked for the YouTube movie life in a day?

I will tell you that less than half of the entire Youtube population is interested in Life in A Day. If one may estimate, I would say at least 100,000 Youtubers will want to submit their Life in A ... Read More »

What should you do if your son is 6 years old and his birth father who has known about him all his life but never seen him now wants to be involved in his life?

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