What Are the Four Kinds of Conflict?

Answer In literature, conflict refers to the main problem in a story that must be resolved by the end of the book. It is conflict that provides the building blocks for the story. While a story may include... Read More »

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What is the conflict of a novel?

All stories depend on a problem to be solved or an obstacle to be overcome to give them their drama. This is known as the tale's conflict, the central overriding preoccupation of any piece of ficti... Read More »

What is value conflict?

A value conflict occurs when individuals or groups of people hold strong personal beliefs that are in disagreement. These may include religious differences, cultural differences or differences in u... Read More »

What is organizational conflict?

The study of organizational behavior suggests that organizational conflict is a natural occurrence in a company's life cycle. This is because organizations are never picture perfect. The best way t... Read More »

What is the conflict in 'Cue for Treason'?

Cue of Treason Plot Peter Brownrigg,a fourteen year old farmboy, who lives in Cumberland County in England, escapes from his village to escape death for attempting to attack Sir Philip Morton, a l... Read More »