What Are the Five Kingdoms and What Do They Include?

Answer At one time, living organisms were simply classified as plant or animal. As human knowledge of the diversity of life increased, this system was expanded to five kingdoms: animals, plants, fungi, pr... Read More »

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What was five things they had on a dog tag?

Last Name, First Name Service Number (which is now the Social Security Number) Blood Type Religious Preference

If you could have any five cars in your garage, what would they be?

Ford EscortChevy CavalierDodge NeonNissan MaximaChevy Astro

What are five kids called if they were born at the same time?

fivetuplets is the correct term. Not quite. QUINTUPLETS

How to Decide What to Include & Not to Include in the Curriculum?

A curriculum is the information you will teach for a specific grade level or for a specific subject. It would be impossible to teach all of the elements of a particular subject to a classroom, so y... Read More »