What Are the First Eukaryotic Fossils?

Answer Somewhere the vast course of evolution, small single-celled organisms, called prokaryotes, developed into complicated and multicellular beings, or eukaryotes. These cells underwent a gradual transf... Read More »

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Where are the oldest eukaryotic fossils from?

The oldest eukaryote fossil, dated at 2.1 billion years old, was found in Marquette, Michigan. These fossils were of multicellular, intermediate forms of the algae Grypania and Giardia. These are t... Read More »

Eukaryotic Cell Characteristics?

Only two types of cells exist in the world--prokaryotic and eukaryotic. Taxonomists classify bacteria and archaea (organisms similar to bacteria) as prokaryotic. Eukaryotic cells make up protists, ... Read More »

Is the kingdom animalia eukaryotic?

The kingdom Animalia, with more than 2 million species, is eukaryotic, meaning that these organisms have cells with a nucleus that is enclosed by a membrane. All animals are heterotrophs, or organi... Read More »

Is monera prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

Organisms within the kingdom Monera, including bacteria and archaeans, are prokaryotic. Prokaryotes are characterized by the absence of cellular organelles, such as a membrane-bound nucleus, and po... Read More »