What Are the Factors That Cause Physical Weathering?

Answer The term "weathering" should not be confused with "erosion." Weathering is the breakdown and subsequent alteration of rocks and minerals that are found at or close to the Earth's surface into mater... Read More »

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What are some physical factors that influence human development?

Physical Factors That Affect Learning?

Learning is one of the most important processes in human experience, allowing us the ability to make informed choices throughout the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, there are a number of physical... Read More »

What are the push factors that cause migration in animals?

lack of food,space,trees deforestion (lack=less or none)

What is an example of physical weathering?

Weathering refers to the process by which rocks are broken down into smaller pieces over time. The three kinds of weathering are chemical weathering, biological weathering, and physical weathering.... Read More »