What Are the Ethical Thought Philosophies in Business Ethics?

Answer Business ethics has drawn influences from many ethical philosophies over the years. The most important influences on business ethics have included various duty and consequence theories. Duty ethics... Read More »

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Engineering Ethics & Ethical Dilemma?

Like all professionals, engineers may encounter situations in which they must make judgment calls on ethical dilemmas. Most often, ethical dilemmas involve a conflict in fundamental principles of ... Read More »

Wikipedia Ethics--Is it ethical to alter content regarding ones self?

Nothing on Wikipedia should be added without a source. Wikipedia clearly allows no original research, including you being yourself, therefore knowing certain things.Unless any information has been ... Read More »

How to Write an Essay on Business Ethics for a Small Business Owner?

Small business owners can experience conflict in everyday activities that can lead to ethical concerns. Writing an essay on business ethics for a small business owner involves creating a thesis sta... Read More »

Ethical Obligations in Business?

"First do no harm" is the oath of the medical community but it should also be the pledge of the business sector. While the primary function of a business is to produce a product or perform a servic... Read More »