What Are the Endangered Breeds of Rabbits in the US?

Answer Rabbits are such prolific breeders that it is hard to think of them as an endangered species. However, in 2011, three species of rabbit were listed as endangered by the United States Fish and Wildl... Read More »

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What Are Wool Breeds of Rabbits?

Many yarns use rabbit fur to give the fiber a soft, fluffy feel. Some rabbits have short fur that is unsuitable for wool, but several breeds grow long fur. Each hair grows to a length of several in... Read More »

Top Ten Dog Breeds of the U.S.?

According to The American Kennel Club's 2009 registration statistics, the top ten dog breeds in the United States include returning contenders, some making their way up the list and a few new addit... Read More »

The Best Dog Breeds With Cats?

Almost any breed of dog can be good with cats, especially if they are raised with them. Terriers (jack russells, airedales, fox terriers) and sighthounds (greyhounds, whippets, salukis) are more li... Read More »

Different Breeds of Corgis?

Only two different breeds of corgis exist, namely "Pembroke" and "Cardigan". Both breeds are more widely referred to as Welsh Corgis, as this is the country of origin of the popular dogs, made famo... Read More »