What Are the Emotional and Psychological Consequences of Prejudice?

Answer Everyone is different in some way, so everyone has likely experienced prejudice in her life. Whether it is race, gender, sexual orientation or some other variety, prejudice hurts. It has some sev... Read More »

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What is a psychological and emotional abuse?

Emotional child abuse is defined as the constant attack of a child or youth by an adult that negatively affects the child or youth's self-worth. It is important to note here the word 'constant'. Wi... Read More »

Can emotional trauma and long-term psychological stress cause a heart attack?

They do not cause the heart attack but they are directly related to it.they increase your risk of heart attack and stroke and then they tell you go home you are having a panic attack if you go in w... Read More »

Why most women complaint about their mother in laws and sister in laws are common - doesn't it mean that some emotional or psychological issues are related commonly with this relation?

I think this is more on the side of the mother-in-law or sister-in-law. They feel that a new woman is coming into their son's/brother's life and essentially taking over the position that they held.... Read More »

What does"without prejudice"mean?

Without prejudice is a legal term indicating that an act is occurring, or an act has been verbally proposed, without abandoning a right, privilege, or claim, as well as not admitting guilt or liabi... Read More »