What Are the Elected Positions for Local Government in Texas?

Answer When Texas became a state in 1845, the people began electing local government officials in their county or district. The Texas Constitution designates that counties hold elections to fill certain p... Read More »

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What includes all federal government jobs that are not elected positions or military positions?

US Post OfficeAll Federal Law Enforcement AgenciesCIA (does have paramilitary units tho)Department of TreasuryDepartment of Educationthe list goes on...** civil service a+**

Elected Vs. Appointed Local Government?

Local government is made up of dozens of officials who are either elected or appointed. Those that directly represent you in the national government, such as your congress person, are always electe... Read More »

Who is the head of Texas local government?

The head of the local Texas government is the governor. As of July 2010, the current governor is Rick Perry. Rick Perry is currently serving his second term as governor. He originally became govern... Read More »

What level of government contains the greatest number of elected officials?

The largest number of elected officials in the U.S. government are found in the legislative branch. It is one of three branches of government, with the others being the executive and judicial branc... Read More »