What Are the Effects of Laser Light on Objects?

Answer A beam of laser light remains pencil-thin for long distances due to its high concentration and purity. Different kinds of lasers have a range of energy levels to suit delicate tasks such as eye sur... Read More »

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Are optical or laser mice more likely to start skipping because of dust/hair under the light/laser?

Not really, unless you have so much hair/dust that there's no reflection at all back to the sensor underneath the mouse.Optical mouse is best for your environment. If you still have issues, go for ... Read More »

Why can you see certain objects under a black light?

Objects that glow under black light absorb black, or ultraviolet, light and re-emit the light back as visible light.The Electromagnetic SpectrumLight is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which ... Read More »

Do you think we should dangle lots of sun-light reflecting objects in our gardens?

You need some sunlight due to cranial dimming.Hope this helps.

Science Projects on Heavy and Light Objects Falling at the Same Rate?

Maximum velocity is the fastest speed at which an object will fall. Maximum velocity is the same for every item, despite size and weight. You can prove this point by performing an experiment in whi... Read More »