What Are the Effects of Beach Erosion?

Answer Beaches naturally erode as the waves and tides shift sands up and down coastlines across the world. Due to increased population densities near the coast and other man-made factors, beaches are star... Read More »

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Science Projects on Beach Erosion?

Beach erosion is a popular topic among elementary school science classes. The disappearance of our coastline is becoming an environmental crisis. There are a variety of activities and projects that... Read More »

What man made structure is used to control beach erosion?

Short extensions of rock or concrete, called groins, trap sand but can accelerate erosion farther down the shore. Seawalls help protect waterfront property from storm waves; they need frequent repa... Read More »

What is the amount of beach erosion on Tybee Island a year?

Beach erosion on Tybee Island, Georgia, is estimated at 320,000 cubic yards of sand annually, as reported in the Tybee Island Beach Erosion Study published in 2003 by the Beach Erosion Committee. T... Read More »

The Effects of Soil Erosion?

Soil erosion occurs when wind and water strips the soil from a given area faster than it can form. Most of the time, soil erosion occurs as a result of man-made issues, such as overgrazing farmland... Read More »