What Are the Duties of an Inspector?

Answer According to the Oxford dictionary, an inspector is an official who inspects schools, factories, mines and other facilities. There are various kinds of inspectors including Public Health inspectors... Read More »

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The Duties of the Inspector General?

An inspector general is responsible for ensuring that a government, military or independent agency uses funds appropriately and operates honestly. U.S. agencies that employ an Office of the Inspect... Read More »

Duties of a Civil Inspector?

Civil inspectors have several important duties in the construction industry. Their main duty is to provide quality assurance on any state or private construction project. They carry out this by phy... Read More »

What is a building inspector?

Building inspectors ensure that buildings were constructed or repaired correctly and do not exhibit any potential safety issues according to existing codes and zoning ordinances set forth by the In... Read More »

What is the inspector general of the CIA?