What Are the Duties of an Infantry Platoon Commander?

Answer In the Army, second and first lieutenants serve as platoon leaders in infantry units. Although these young officers are newly commissioned and most are under the age of 25, they are responsible for... Read More »

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How many men in a modern infantry platoon in the us infantry?

What does an infantry platoon sergeant do?

Aside from keeping the Lieutenant from getting hung up on themselves, Platoon Sergeants have a number of duties. In the cantonment area, NCOs run the show. They're responsible for counseling of sol... Read More »

Platoon Sergeant's Duties?

In the armed forces, there are few jobs more crucial to the preservation of order than the platoon sergeant. Part foreman, part father and part coach, the platoon sergeant is one of the Army's mos... Read More »

Platoon Sergeant Duties & Responsibilities?

In terms of the Army ranking system, the platoon sergeant is a central and important position. The platoon sergeant is trained to embody the best qualities of a leader. According to the Army Study ... Read More »