What Are the Duties of a Housing Officer?

Answer A housing officer is a United Kingdom job role; it involves the management of housing and connected services on behalf of housing associations, local government authorities and other organizations ... Read More »

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What are the duties and responsibilities of chief officer and 2nd officer?

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What Are the Duties of a Personnel Officer?

A personnel officer is responsible for dealing with employee relations and taking care of staffing issues. He can work independently, as part of a contracted team hired by a company or be employed ... Read More »

What Are the Duties of a Marketing Officer?

Marketing officers or managers play a vital role in the life of a company. They typically work with other professionals within the company to promote both the company and its products. The U.S. Bur... Read More »

What Are the Duties of a Liaison Officer?

A liaison officer is basically the "go-between" or "middle man" for two entities, whether those entities are the public and a corporation, or an incident and a group of people. Oftentimes a liaison... Read More »