What Are the Drawbacks of 529 Plans?

Answer A 529 plan is a type of education savings vehicle. Every state has at least one type of 529 plan and many states offer multiple plans. Certain states also offer prepaid tuition 529 plans, which all... Read More »

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What are the drawbacks of Wikipedia?

Well , the BIGGEST disadvantage of Wikipedia is that ANYONE can edit an article .So if you're reading an article on Chemistry , for all u know, the author maybe a Chen. professor or someone who has... Read More »

What are the drawbacks of masturbation ?

Absolutely no harm . As somebody has answered already, people do it through out their life .In case of girls, the structure of orifice may change, the opening walls may become thicker, otherwise no... Read More »

What are the Drawbacks of Distance Learning?

Distance learning has become progressively more popular in the early 21st century. High school diplomas, college or university degrees, and a host of courses that teach or upgrade career skills of ... Read More »

What are the drawbacks to getting Invisalign?

I really don't know of any drawbacks to invisalign. They are clear mouth trays that you wear all of the time, except when you are eating. They are very hard to detect, you can hardly see them. T... Read More »