What Are the Drawbacks of 529 Plans?

Answer A 529 plan is a type of education savings vehicle. Every state has at least one type of 529 plan and many states offer multiple plans. Certain states also offer prepaid tuition 529 plans, which all... Read More »

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Are state retirement plans considered pension plans?

Retirement plans sponsored by states are considered pension plans. There are two types of pension plans to choose from--a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan. The benefit plan tells... Read More »

Are all 401(k) plans profit sharing plans?

Not all 401k plans are profit-sharing plans. In most plans, employers contribute a fixed percentage of each employee's contribution as a company-paid match. This match, despite being an amount not ... Read More »

Drawbacks to DSL?

Internet-based technologies have grown incredibly fast. When dial-up reached a commercial plateau, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service was introduced. Although DSL is faster, continually on, and ... Read More »

Drawbacks of an LLC?

LLCs, or Limited Liability Companies, are among the most used of all types of business organization methods. LLCs provide personal liability protection for all members. That means only the company ... Read More »