What Are the Disadvantages of a Career Politician?

Answer A career politician holds political office until his retirement, unlike his counterparts who serve their elected term and leave office without standing for re-election for the second term, and take... Read More »

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Some Advantages & Disadvantages of a Judge's Career?

A judge’s career is centered around court room procedures and out of court administrative work. Judges are typically attorneys before they apply or are elected to be a judge. Becoming a judge may... Read More »

How to Research a Politician?

After reading this article you will able to know enough to make an empowered judgment on your national representative in congress, the senate, and also the president. You will be able to find who i... Read More »

How to Be a Politician in RuneScape?

Are you considered a goody two-shoes by friends and co-workers? Have you ever wanted a virtual "job"? How about a laywer, mayer or some other politician? This is a way to spread your good (hopefull... Read More »

What is a progressive politician?

A "progressive politician" is someone who advocates change or reform and is considered a liberal. Although progressive politicians almost always fall under the Democratic party, not all Democrats s... Read More »