What Are the Different Types of Human Faces?

Answer The shape of your face helps determine which hairstyles will look best on you. Knowing your face shape isn't necessarily automatic; we're all rounded, with eyes, nose and mouth set in the middle so... Read More »

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Different Shapes of Human Faces?

Everybody is unique, but style selections and genetics each play a part in an individual's looks. The shape of a person's face is a consideration when choosing hair styles, hats, eyeglasses and eve... Read More »

How to Draw Human Faces?

Drawing is a rewarding craft. Besides being lots of fun, learning to draw a realistic face is a key skill to learn to pursue the art of drawing and making a living by it. It takes practice, but not... Read More »

How to Draw Human Faces & Eyes?

Drawing the human face and eyes might seem like a challenge for the novice artist. The eyes are often referred to as "the windows to the soul," giving the person you draw a distinct personality. Pr... Read More »

Why do dogs lick human faces?

Dogs lick for as many reasons as babies cry. Since they cannot speak, dogs use licking as a form of communication. This behavior is often reinforced by humans responding positively to these wet can... Read More »