What Are the Different Tones of Voice?

Answer The tone of voice of a piece of writing refers to the attitude the writer takes toward the content and intended audience. For example, you should write an English essay with a more formal tone than... Read More »

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Name the 4 Voice Tones for a Quartet?

The Cambridge Dictionary Online defines a quartet as "a group of four people who play musical instruments or sing as a group." Emerging from the barbershop tradition, vocal quartets produce a harmo... Read More »

How to Customize FXO and CP Tones for Local Country Settings on Cisco Voice Router?

Each country in the world has it's own Call Progress tones set by the Central office as per ministry of communication or similar institutions specifications to manage different call signalling with... Read More »

Free Cingular answer tones (aka ringback tones)?

I don't know where to get free ringback tones but I do have a website that allows you to receive and even make your own totally free ringtones. The website is you have to ... Read More »

Really confused about warm tones vs cool tones. What's my tone?

I am a makeup artist and this is some colors and some info hope that helps:Warm colors are based on yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens, orangish reds, and the like.Cool colors are based on ... Read More »