What Are the Differences in Behavior Between a Male Tabby Cat & a Girl Tabby Cat?

Answer The tabby pattern helped cats in the wild hid from their predators and more easily stalk their prey. The evolutionary consequence of this is that most cats have a light tabby pattern, even those th... Read More »

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Tabby Cat Behavior?

The tabby is not a breed of cat. The name "tabby" refers to the striped or spotted pattern on the cat's fur and is the most common type of coloration in cats. Tabby cats can be found domestically a... Read More »

What Are the Characteristics of Tabby Cats?

The term "tabby cat" is colloquially used to refer to any type of feline, from a domesticated cat to a mixed-breed common house cat. While tabbies are the most common type of domesticated cat, the ... Read More »

What Types of Cat Breeds Have the Tabby Pattern?

Considering a tabby a cat breed is a common mistake. It is actually a coat pattern that can be found in many breeds of domestic cat. Despite their great diversity, one feature that all tabbies shar... Read More »

Who is the tabby cat in Garfield?

Nermal is the cute little tabby cat that Garfield hates.