What Are the Differences Between the Customary Units of Measure & the Metric System?

Answer Measurement systems have existed since the early Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. Systems were created because of the need for uniformity and consistency in describing the length, weight an... Read More »

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In what year did NASA loose a 125 million Mars orbiter because one engineer team used metric units while another used US customary units for a calculation?

What Units Are Used to Measure Weight in the Metric System?

Invented in 1670, the metric system used nature to derive the basic units for each type of measurement. French vicar Gabriel Mouton proposed a universal system that is still used in most countries ... Read More »

How to Convert Metric Units to Customary Lengths?

France adopted the metric system of measurements in the late 18th century. This system unified methods of measurements within Europe by basing all measurements on multiples of 10. In the United Sta... Read More »

Does England use customary or the metric system?

England uses a combination of metric and customary, or imperial, units. British law states that goods must display metric units on packaging but can also list customary units as supplementary infor... Read More »