What Are the Differences Between Silica Sand & Medical Grade Sand?

Answer Sand comes in many varieties and has a variety of uses. Silica sand and aluminum oxide crystals (called medical-grade sand) are two forms of sand that have industrial and commercial uses. According... Read More »

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What is the different between silica sand and play ground soft fall sand?

soft fall sand is filtered so that the particles are of a specific uniform size that is less dust and other materials

What are the pros and cons and differences between sand and D. E. pool filters?

Answer Gayle- There are basicly 3 types of filters. Sand, Cartridge, and D.E. filter. Differences being numerous, but in a nut shell is the ease of maintence and care and the size micron of particl... Read More »

Does Quikrete play sand contain silica?

Quikrete sells its Premium Play Sand in 50-lb. bags. The sand contains silica. The materials safety data sheet for the product states that silica is a respiratory hazard under OSHA guidelines, but ... Read More »

What kind of sand does a sand blaster use?

Silica sand may be used in a sand blaster, and the sand may be rounded or angular, depending on the type of material being blasted. Sandblasting personnel are at high risk for developing silicosis,... Read More »