What Are the Differences Between Sea Stars & Starfish?

Answer Sea stars and starfish are one and the same. There is no difference between one or the other. In fact, educators and marine biologists are trying to teach the general public to call what was once u... Read More »

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Do seals eat starfish?

At least one type of seal, the hooded seal, eats starfish as part of its diet. Hooded seals are aggressive animals that also will eat squid, cod, shrimp, herring and mussels.Source:Canadian Museum ... Read More »

What does a red Bali starfish eat?

The red Bali starfish is a small, bright starfish that adds visual interest to saltwater aquariums. It eats similarly to other starfish by foraging for micro-organisms and detritus. These can be fo... Read More »

How to Transport a Starfish?

Starfish are among the most striking and sensitive of all saltwater creatures. They are beautiful to gaze at, but require substantial care and attention. Starfish are more sensitive than other aqua... Read More »

When to Get Starfish on the Beach?

Starfish are fascinating sea creatures. Their bodies are shaped like a star. When the fish is alive, the starfish is flexible and can move around the ocean and beach. However, once the starfish die... Read More »