What Are the Differences Between Hackamores and Bridles?

Answer The decision to use a hackamore or a bridle to control your horse is dependent on your personal preference and training methods. Feeling comfortable about the way you control your horse is vital to... Read More »

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The Pros & Cons of Mechanical Hackamores?

A mechanical hackamore is a bitless device that controls a horse by applying pressure primarily across its nose with additional pressure placed on the poll and chin. The mechanical hackamore should... Read More »

Types of Horse Bridles?

A horse bridle is a piece of a horse tack used by a rider to control a horse. It is worn on the head of the horse and holds the reins to aid its rider in control. It is usually made from leather or... Read More »

Instructions on How to Make Horse Hair Bridles?

Making horse hair bridles can be a fun and profitable craft for both children and adults alike. All that is needed to craft a horse hair bridle is a thick length of horse tail hair, a few thin leat... Read More »

Tips on Selecting Bridles or Headstalls for the Large Horse?

Most of the tack for sale at auctions and tack shops is made for average-size horses, and owners of very small and very large animals often have difficulty finding halters, bridles and saddles that... Read More »