What Are the Differences Between Greeks & Romans?

Answer Greeks and Romans are citizens of the two most celebrated ancient cultures in Western culture. While both made considerable strides in politics, literature, art and social organizations, their ways... Read More »

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Compare the Romans to the Greeks?

Ancient Greece and Rome both originated as city states. Greece was the elder civilization and exerted much influence on ancient Rome's development. Rome diverged in significant ways, however, res... Read More »

Mythical Beings of the Romans & Greeks?

Before the advent of Christianity, the people of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire believed they were ruled by a powerful family of gods. Myths were told of how many of the children produced by g... Read More »

Who wrote the Parallel Lives of Illustrious Greeks and Romans?

How Did the Greeks Use Myrrh?

The ancient Greeks valued aromatic plants and the substances they extracted from them as healing agents. One such substance was myrrh, a bitter-tasting resin derived from the Commiphora genus of fl... Read More »